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H2O Church Abuse Policy

As a community of disciples, H2O Church is committed to protecting the vulnerable, caring for survivors, and holding abusers accountable. Our commitments come from God, who is a refuge for the abused and never ignores the cry of the abused (Psalm 9:9,12). Our community seeks to make disciples who embody God’s concern for justice and the protection of the vulnerable.


If you have witnessed or experienced any concerning and/or harmful behavior, please let a member of the Safeguarding Team know so we can help provide protection and care. The Safeguarding Team members are:


As part of our commitment to protect the vulnerable and care for survivors, we have policies and a resource/contact document that help us define, discern, and respond to abuse in its various forms. 


We invite and encourage everyone at H2O to read a version of the policy and bring any questions to a member of the Safeguarding Team. There are also some instances when we require individuals to read and acknowledge a particular version of the policy in order to participate in certain events or serve in certain capacities. 


Here are the three abuse policy versions, along with descriptions for each and when it’s required for an individual to read and acknowledge each document. 

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