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We gather on Sundays as a local church community.

Together we read and study the Bible, worship God in prayer and singing, serve one another, and participate in communion.

We do this to remind one another of the truth of God and encourage each other in our relationships with Jesus.

Service Time

During the Summer we have one Sunday service at 10:31 AM. People usually show up a little beforehand to grab some coffee or a snack, and talk with one another before finding a seat.

Also, at 10:00AM we have an open pre-service prayer time where all are welcome to join!

We will move back to our usual 11:11 start time in late August.


On Sunday 4/28/24 we will meet at Solid Grounds  the rest of the summer will be back at the WMU Student Center

We meet in the WMU Student Center at 10:31am room 2209

Map to locations, approximate walking distances and parking info below.

What to expect

Our Sunday gatherings regularly include the following:

  • Worship through music and singing songs

  • Slice of life: A short testimony of what God is doing in someone’s life

  • Teaching from the Bible

  • Prayer

  • Communion

What do I wear?

We know it’s something many people wonder about so we’ve got you covered. Being on a college campus we have a very laid back and comfortable atmosphere. If jeans and a t-shirt are your thing? Awesome! Sweatpants? Great! Suit and tie? Rock it! Flip flops? Heels? All good!

Let us know you’re coming or if you have further questions

If you plan on visiting let us know by sending us an email to or message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll have someone connect with welcoming you! Also if you have any other questions please let us know as well.


Parking Locations:

​Parking is Free on campus on Sunday. 

The following are lot's we'd recommend for ease of access to the Student Center

  • Lot #28 at the Student Center

  • Lot #68 by Sangren Hall

You can find these and more by referencing WMU's Parking Map

Approximate Walking Distances:

  • VDC to Student Center = 12 min

  • Western Heights to Student Center = 5 min

  • Western View to Student Center = 10 min

  • Arcadia Flats to Student Center = 7 min

  • Lot #68 to Student Center = 1 min

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