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H2O Staff,One-Year Residency,& Internship Programs

There are a variety of ways that you could be a part of the H2O Staff team. Below are the opportunities to invest a semester, year, or even a career in advancing the kingdom on campus at Western Michigan University.

Full and Part Time Staff

Our Full and Part Time positions are for those who are looking to work for H2O for their career or for an extended period of time. These positions are for those who have graduated and feel called into ministry. Specific roles will vary from person to person, however the focus of these roles is the campus, usually directly, but occasionally in a supporting situation. The hiring process involves being assessed by Reliant and H2O, and if hired, the first responsibility of employment is to raise financial support to be funded in an on-going capacity. 


One-Year Residency Program

Our One-Year Residency program is designed to allow someone who typically is a recent graduate to serve with H2O for a year to gain experience in ministry. These positions will look very similar to those of a Full Time staff member, with differences in the support raising process as well as there being an agreed upon end date of employment.


Our Internships are part time, 20 hour per week positions most often filled by current students. They are a great way to see what vocational ministry is like while continuing your education.

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