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Analissa Kelley

Campus Staff/Deaconess

A bit about Analissa!

Favorite Bible Story: 1 Samuel 17

Favorite Book Recommendation: Narnia


Favorite Quote: “For the wretched of the earth There is a flame that never dies Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise” – Les Misérables

Favorite Snack: Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Favorite places in Kalamazoo: Lillian Anderson Arboretum, Lake Burger, Table of Contents

What you like about WMU: It’s very chill. People often have time to chat and enjoy a conversation.


Why is the good news of Jesus good news to you?
Because of Jesus there is hope beyond the brokenness of this world. It will not always be this way. We can fix our eyes ahead, knowing that no matter how hard life can be or how dark the world can get, there is ALWAYS hope.


What do you do around H2O?
International ministry and outreach, administrative support, community service coordinating


More about Analissa:
I’m slow to really let people in but that’s me, not you. I naturally communicate more bluntly and directly, but I’ve learned to temper it. Feel free to call me out on stuff! I appreciate honesty and clarity.

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