Small Groups

In the Bible, we see followers of Jesus regularly investing in deep, authentic relationships with one another. One way that H2O does this is by gathering in smaller groups throughout the week. In these groups we share our lives and practice read/pray/obey together in real and honest ways. 

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Groups Locations Time and Leaders

Fall Small Groups will begin the week of August 28th!

Tuesday Groups

The Valleys Group

When: Tuesdays @ 8pm 

Where: Valley Dining Center

With: Ashton, Ben & Daniel

Off Campus Group*

When: Tuesdays @ 7pm

Where: Westwood Neighborhood (Either the Tiesenga's or Palmers)

With: Cassie, Chris, Kim & Mike

International Student Group

When: Tuesdays @ 8pm

Where: The Kelley's House

With: Analissa, Ian, Dani & Yeedo

Wednesday Groups

The Valleys Group

When: Wednesdays @ 7pm

Where: Gentz's House (2011 Greenlawn, right by Valley 1)

With: Abby, Gentz & Tyler

International Group

When Wednesdays @ 7pm

Where: Valley Dining Center

With: Elijah & Troy 

Sunday Groups

City Group**

When : Every other Sunday @ 5:30pm
Where: The Hamiltons

With: Daniel & Kristin

City Group**

When: Every other Sunday @ 6pm

Where: The Wallaces

With: Troy & Megan

For more info please fill out our connection card  and someone will get back with you!

*This off campus group is a hybrid between our campus and city groups.

** City groups are small groups designed for college graduates, working singles and families. They generally meet every other week.

For more information or questions about either our Off Campus or City small groups please reach out to Mike Tiesenga