Small Groups

We value spending time together beyond Sunday morning. Our small group bible studies are places where we spend time reading the Bible together, building relationships with one another, and encouraging each other in our daily lives.

Anyone is welcome to join.

Throughout the summer we’ll have one weekly small group on Wednesdays at 7pm. 

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Valley Small Groups

Tuesdays, 7pm @ the Valley Dining Center – outdoor picnic tables (lower level)

  • Gentz: 586-764-3100
  • Gracie Shrader: 810-599-0518


Wednesdays, 8pm @ Goldsworth Pond Pavilion

  • Anna Beck: 989-878-0568
  • Ben Brand: 734-845-6032


Western Heights Small Group:

Wednesdays, 3pm @ the lawn between Western Heights and the Hoekje/Bigelow Dining Center

  • Gentz: 586-764-3100

International Group:

Tuesdays, 7pm – text Analissa for location, as it may vary week to week

If you’re looking to connect with other international students as we read the Bible and pursue learning about Jesus together, this is a group for you!

  • Ian Kelley: 618-593-4555
  • Analissa Kelley: 616-307-1003

Off-Campus Groups:

Tuesdays, 7:30pm @ TBD (text Daniel for location)

  • Daniel Hamilton: 616-430-0642
  • Abby Waynick: 313-806-0892


Wednesdays, 7pm @ the Miller Fountains

  • Mike Tiesenga: 616-690-1832
  • Sam Kiel: 989-297-3595

Virtual Groups: 

Currently, all of our groups are meeting virtually. If your group starts to meet in person and you are looking for another virtual group, please contact:

  • Daniel Hamilton: 616-430-0642