Here at New Life Church, service teams are a core part of making church happen. We couldn’t function without the dozens of individuals it takes to pull off our Sunday morning services. If you call New Life Church your home, consider giving generously of your time. We know there’s a place for you to use your talents to serve here at New Life Church.

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Tech Services

Our services don’t happen on their own, it takes a dedicated team of tech volunteers to make sure we have lights, sound, and slides each Sunday.  If you enjoy serving behind the scenes and have some tech skills then this is the department for you!


One thing we are passionate about at New Life is making everyone feel welcome on Sunday mornings.  It is the goal of Hospitality Ministries to make sure everyone feels welcomed before they even take a seat in the auditorium.  We do this through friendly and efficient parkers, smiling greeters, and knowledgeable infoteers.

Team Leaders

Each of our volunteer teams here at New Life requires a leader.  It is this person’s job to schedule, train, and maintain the team.  If you are already serving in an area and are interested in getting a little more involved team leading is a great way to up your serving game!

New Life Kids

The children at NLC have the opportunity to learn about God and have some fun every Sunday morning during the 9:29am service at our New Life Kids ministry. However, we need competent, responsible and caring individuals to help serve as classroom helpers and classroom teachers.

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