When in Romans

Throughout the month of January, we will be reading through the book of Romans. On this page, you can find our Bible reading plan, tips on how to read the Bible as well video to guide you through understanding the book of Romans as a whole.

We hope these resources bless you as you seek God through his word.

Before you read each day:

We invite you to start by saying a simple prayer: “God, would you help me to see and understand what you have for me in this time? Help me to know you more so I may follow you more closely.”

After reading each passage take a moment to consider these questions (note: it can be helpful to write down your answers to these questions):

  1. What did this chapter say? About God? Jesus? People? Life? Etc.
  2. What is the main theme or truth of this passage?
  3. What is one way you can apply this passage to your life? Is there a step of obedience I can take? Try to think of something specific you could begin right away.


A prayer to close your time could be something like this: “God, thank you for the Bible, and how it helps us to know you. Would you help me to remember what I’ve read today and may it have an impact on how I live, starting today?”

Week 1: January 6-12

Romans 1

 Romans 2

Romans 3

Romans 4

Romans 5

Week 2: January 13-19

Romans 6

Romans 7

Romans 8

Romans 9

Romans 10

Week 3: January 20-27

Romans 11

Romans 12

Romans 13

Romans 14

Romans 15

Romans 16


Bible Project Videos