Anna Beck

Favorite Bible Passage: John 1:1-18

Favorite Bible Story: John 4 with Jesus and the woman at the well.

Book you’d recommend: Humility by Andrew Murray

Favorite Quote: “rest, when you are tired. love, when you are weary. – Joél Leon”

Favorite Song: Son by Sleeping At Last

Favorite snack: Is a donut a snack? Definitely donuts or fruit!

Favorite place in Kalamazoo: I love Two Twins or practically any independent coffee shop. Also, I love Asylum Lake and Nonla Vietnamese!

What do you love about WMU: I love how open the campus is!  Getting to see the sky and how the light streams onto the campus is one of my favorite things. Also, I appreciate how friendly the students and staff are!

Why is the good news of Jesus good news to you:
The good news of Jesus is good news to me because Jesus is the One who sets us free! Even though we were enemies with Him, He paid the price for our salvation on the cross *and* is working to redeem us from the power of sin and shame in our lives. I have gotten to taste it in my own life, and it is good!

What do you do around H2O:
I disciple students, invest in small groups, and make graphics for our church and social media accounts. I love people and getting to build community — typically through random ice breakers and fun shenanigans. 

A little bit more about Anna:
I really love coffee, playing games/puzzles, and I own a typewriter! I am passionate about college ministry because having my fellow students continually push me towards Christ & Christ-likeness revolutionized my freshman year of college. I am equally passionate about church planting so that many more freshmen could know the goodness and unending love of the Father deeper and/or for the first time. It is my joy to serve and invest in students in Kalamazoo as they seek God in all that they do as well as being a part of Him moving mountains in their lives.