Masterpiece – the process of discovering you

If you’ve ever asked yourself one or all of the following questions,

  1. What does God want me to do?
  2. Where do I fit in church, career, or life?
  3. What are my gifts or talents?

then you’ve come to the right place. Masterpiece is a new process that New Life has put together to help you answer those questions.

We Believe

God is the creator of every man, woman and child on the planet. We are God’s masterpiece. He made each of us in His image that we might one day share in His glory. We have been designed by God with excellence. And we have been designed by God for a purpose.

We Know

You can make a difference. You are designed by God. He has made you unlike anyone else. You are unique. And you have a special role to play in God’s kingdom, handcrafted by God Himself.

We Realize

It takes time and effort to discover how God designed us. We know many of you have begun to form some ideas about how God’s wired you, but you may be longing to know more.

We Can Help

If you want to learn more about how God has uniquely designed you, please contact us. We would love to help.


We have a few resources that you can use to help you learn more about gifting. Check out the recent sermons about this topic, entitled “Your Piece of the Puzzle”. This gives a good overview of gifting in the bible.

  1. Your Piece of the Puzzle (Part 1) by Nik Spasovski
  2. Your Piece of the Puzzle (Part 2): Where do I fit? by Rick Keith
  3. Masterpiece: Becoming Who You Already Are by John Gibson – an introduction to Masterpiece
  4. Long Story Short: Parable of the Talents by Kevin Armstrong – discussing God’s gifts and how He views our use of them

Story Form

Still interested? Glad to hear it. Download the Masterpiece Story Form [PDF] [DOC] to help you do just that. Spend some time following the instructions and then send it to us at We’ll give you a hand in putting it all together.


Masterpiece is based off a system used by SIMA International out of Colorado. They helped Max Lucado discover his giftings and in turn, he wrote a book about it called, The Cure for the Common Life. Feel free to check both of these out for more information about where Masterpiece came from.

Masterpiece Team

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