Hello H2O Family,

   We are living in a continually changing time. The guidelines, requirements, and recommendations all seem to come out so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. We hope that no matter what personal adjustments you’ve had to make these last few days, that you’ve been able to spend time with God. It is particularly comforting to know that he is the same and unchanging, to know that our future rests securely in Him, and as Hebrews 12:28 says “we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken” and in response to that, “let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.” We are clinging to these and other beautiful truths that we see in God’s word. 

    Based on the current recommendations and requirements, H2O is forced to adjust as well in our present time in order to submit to our governing authorities, and as a way to love our neighbors. At this time, H2O will be adjusting our Sunday service, small groups, and prayer times to be done online. We will also be canceling our Friday Fun Events and any other organized get togethers. For our Sunday service, we plan to release pre-recorded teaching and some devotional material to go along with it. We are also encouraging our small groups and prayer times to move to using online meeting platforms as well. If you choose to participate in those things in person with others, we do ask that you would adhere to the current guidelines of groups no larger than 10 people (or whatever the guideline happens to be at that time) and continue to observe the best hygienic practices. 

    We do continue to encourage you to look for opportunities to love and serve others. That could be reaching out to someone you know to see how they are doing, finding service opportunities, or just keeping your eyes open for opportunities. We also encourage you to look for ways to point others to the hope we have in Jesus. That could be inviting someone to a small group through a link, sharing the Sunday sermon, asking others how you can pray for them, and sharing with them the good news of what Jesus has done for them! 

    The pastors and staff are all still working and are available to connect and serve you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and make your needs known. We are already praying for you, but if you have a specific prayer request, you can fill out the form at h2okzoo.com/prayer-requests or you can reach out via social media @h2okzoo. 

    We love you and care deeply for you!

-Added 3/20/20- We want to care and serve for you as WMU announced they are extending online courses through the end of the semester and also that the dorms would be closing. H2O has a variety of ways that we could help during this time including supplies and help with moving out and we also have connections in the area with families that are willing to host students who are unable to return home. Please contact us through the website or contact a staff member to let us know how we can serve you.

-The Pastors of H2O