The Discipleship Compass

The Discipleship Compass

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a lifelong journey in the same direction. It’s about knowing Jesus, becoming more like Jesus, and helping others see Jesus a little more clearly. A journey where we live by faith, awaken hope, and embody love to a world desperately in need of a Savior. The Discipleship Compass is a tool designed to keep us traveling in the right direction…towards Jesus Christ, true community, and the waiting world.

Five Parts

The Discipleship Compass was designed to be a simple and functional tool that can help keep you following the Way of Jesus. One of our only criteria in the design of the compass was the napkin test, it had to be able to be drawn on a napkin. If you can draw it on a napkin then it will be simple enough to remember and functional for everyday use.The Discipleship Compass has five main parts: Jesus, Obey, Self, Others, and Neighbors & Nations. Each part builds upon the previous with it’s accompanying icon. Collectively, these five parts make up The Discipleship Compass and what we believe are the basic essentials of being a true follower of Jesus Christ…a disciple.

How to use The Discipleship Compass

To use The Discipleship Compass in everyday life, you simply walk through each of the five parts and ask yourself, “How am I doing in this area?” Be honest with yourself before God and ask Him to reveal what area(s) in your life need course correction, because all of us get off track from time to time. The Discipleship Compass helps us engage with whether or not we are…

  • centered on Jesus,
  • obeying his Word or his prompting in our life,
  • living selflessly,
  • surrounding ourself with other Christ followers,
    • praying, getting in the word, being open with our life, or sharing our faith,
  • and serving and loving our neighbors and nations.

When you discover you are off course in an area, take a step to course correct and get back on track following Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Life is a journey and navigating it as a follower of Christ can be challenging. Let The Discipleship Compass help you focus on moving toward Jesus, His people, and His world daily.

Audio Resources

Learn more about each of the five parts by listening to the following podcasts.  Originally a five part sermon series titled The Discipleship Compass, Sept 28 – Oct 26, 2014.




Additional Resources

The Discipleship Compass Overview and Study (click image to download)
Utilize this as an in depth overview, personal study, or group resource.
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The Discipleship Compass Card (formatted for smart phones)
Save these images to your phone for quick reference on the go.
The Discipleship Compass  The Discipleship Compass - 5 Steps